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Due to health reasons, Larry is no longer consulting and repairing computers absolutley does not SELL or SHIP anything from this web address!!!!

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Computer Tune-Up            

A computer tune-up is a generic service that all PC repair shops offer for a minimal fee and a quick pay check. They do not actually investigate why the computer is slow and are just performing a routine maintenance that most users neglect to do themselves. I will search for the cause and fix it, and then do the maintenance.

My comprehensive tune-up includes:

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Wired and Wireless Network Troubleshooting            

Most all Internet problems involve your modem, router, or PC network card. I will determine the reason for improper network functioning, troubleshoot, and repair your network connection and ensure your networked peripherals are properly reconnected. Some of the services that fall into this category are:

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Laptop Repair             + Parts

It is very time consuming to tear down a Laptop or Notebook PC and put it back together. If I have to open a Laptop or Notebook, the is for labor only. A few of the most common, but not all Laptop services available are:

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Virus and Spyware Removal            

This service includes:

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Data Recovery and Data Backup            

Sophisticated data recovery methods require the latest and best in test and diagnostic equipment. I can back up or restore your Documents, Music, Pictures, Favorites, Address Book, e-mail and other user data as long as the hard drive is not physically damaged. I am usually able to restore saved files from a "crashed" hard drive.

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New Hardware Installation (PC Only)            (does not include the hardware cost)

This task involves the following:

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New Software Installation             (does not include the cost of software)

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Upgrade Hardware and Software            

Upgrading your computer is sometimes a cheaper alternative to purchasing a new computer. Some common upgrades are:

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Computer Training             /hour

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Larry's Instant House Call            /Transfer

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Service Plans             /month

My service plan includes:

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About Larry Ciavarella            
Larry in the shop

Hello, my name is Larry Ciavarella (pronunciation: Siv-er-ella). I was born and raised on Akron's North Hill and I have lived in Kent, Ohio for the past 38 years. Kent is where I presently live with my family. I have two children, Angelo and Ann Marie and have been married to my lovely wife Diane for 33 years.

I graduated Cum Laude with a BBA in Computer Information Systems from Kent State University and have been fixing and repairing computers for the past 24 years.

I retired October 2009 and I spend the majority of my time now doing the two things that I love doing most, working in my computer shop and playing golf.

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